Tekeyan Central Board Assembles in New Jersey


FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. – Members of the Central Board of the Tekeyan Cultural Association (TCA) of the United States and Canada were guests at the home of Hilda Hartounian, newly elected chair of the Greater New York TCA chapter, and her husband Saro Hartounian on June 26. Members of the local chapter executive were present along with other guests. The visiting members of the TCA Central Board included Dr. Arshavir Gundjian of Montreal, Edmond Azadian of Detroit, Hagop Vartivarian of New Jersey, Papken Megerian of Philadelphia, and Arto Manoukian of Montreal. Chairman of the London TCA branch Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian (Koumrouyan), Vartan Nazerian of Los Angeles and former long-term TCA Executive Secretary Kevork Marashlian of Washington, DC, were also present.

After dinner, Hagop Vartivarian spoke words of appreciation concerning the hosts on behalf of the guests, and about the activities of the Mher Megerdchian Theatrical Group. He declared to the TCA leadership that the greater New York chapter was ready to have its own center in New Jersey in order to support its wide-ranging activities and other Armenian goals. Hilda Hartounian in turn expressed her thanks that the TCA leadership accepted her invitation.

Azadian, Gundjian and Manoukian then spoke in recognition of the activities of the New York TCA chapter and also stressed the necessity of having a TCA center in New Jersey. Chairman of the Megerdchian Group Harout Chatmajian spoke about the mission of the theatrical group as preservation of Armenian identity and the Western Armenian language. Barkev Kalayjian, the treasurer of the chapter, spoke of his wonderment at the fecund cultural activity of the TCA.

Finally, host Saro Hartounian expressed his full support of the plan to establish a TCA center locally, as it would allow assuring a place for the new generation’s efforts for the preservation of its Armenian identity and the dissemination of Armenian culture.



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