Armenia Condemns Targeted Attacks on Aleppo’s Christian Neighborhoods


losing-ground-by-the-minute-syrian-rebels-are-losing-aleppo--and-perhaps-also-the-warYEREVAN (PanARMENIAN.Net) — Armenia is concerned about al-Nusrafront’s latest attacks on Aleppo that claimed many lives among the civilian population, Ambassador of Armenia to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Arman Kirakossian said on Thursday, June 16.

Addressing the OSCE Permanent Council’s 1105th session, Kirakossian said Armenia strongly condemns the targeted attacks on the Christian neighborhoods of Aleppo, with dozens of people having been wounded and killed in Armenian-inhabited districts alone.

The Holy Trinity (Zvartnots) Church, the Armenian maternity hospital, as well as historical and cultural buildings have been damaged during the offensives.

According to the ambassador, ethnic and religious minorities, including the Armenian community are a key target for militant groups such as the Islamic State, al-Nusra, as well as al-Qaeda.

“The actions of these terrorist groups seriously threaten the OSCE regional security,” Kirakossian said.

“The survivors of the Armenian Genocide established the Armenian community of Aleppo. And 100 years later, their descendants struggle for their existence.”

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