Vartivarian’s Travelers on the Path of the Great Dream Volume II Published


VartivarianBookIIENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Volume Two of Hagop Vartivarian’s work, Travelers on the Path of the Great Dream and Comprehensive History of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party, has just been published. The second in a projected series of six volumes, this publication concerns the history of some of the parties which eventually united to form the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL): the Reformed Hnchagian Party, the Union of Fellow Thinkers (Kaghaparagtsagan Miutiun), the Liberal Party and the Armenian National Liberal Union.

Vartivarian intended his Travelers series to pay tribute to the ADL activists and leaders of the past who established the first revolutionary Armenian political party, based on democratic and liberal principles. A comprehensive history of the ADL has been lacking for many years. Vartivarian has collected documentation on the history of the party, scattered because of the lack of a comprehensive central archive. The projected six-volume series will be a resource for historians in the Republic of Armenia, and a guide for new members.

Copies of Volume Two, as well as Volume One, may be obtained through the Tekeyan Cultural Association, PO Box 1074, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632,, or telephone number (201) 406-9771.


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