Tankian Calls for Support for Families of Killed Armenian Soldiers


LOS ANGELES — American-Armenian rock musician, soloist of “System of a Down” group Serj Tankian calls on supporting the families of victims of the Azerbaijani aggression. On his facebook page, he asked his fans: “I have decided to donate to this amazing non-profit organization called the Paros Foundation, who donate 100 percent of the proceeds directly to the affected families. I encourage those who want to contribute to do so to them. And to all the Azerbaijani trolls paid handsomely by Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Offense who have been frequenting my page, I want you to know that I really love my ban and delete buttons. Peace”, Serj Tankian wrote.

Paros Foundation has decided to support the families of killed soldiers. “For our part, The Paros Foundation has launched a Hero Support Fund to raise funds and provide them to the families of our deceased heroes. Our goal is to provide a minimum of $1,000 to every hero’s family,” reads the website of Paros.


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