Armenian Church and School to Be Renovated in Homs


HOMS, Syria (PanARMENIAN.Net) — St. Mersrob Church and Sahakyan National College in Syria’s Homs will be renovated this summer, Primate of the Diocese of Damascus, Bishop Armash Nalbandian said at a meeting with Armenian families in Homs, Arevelk reports.

Pacing around the church that had been damaged in shelling, Nalbandian and the community members discussed issues concerning the full restoration of the church and the school.

Since November 2011, St. Mesrob Church and the Sahakyan College have been taken over by terrorists. The militants have been using the Armenian institutions as gathering places; the basement hall was turned into a hospital, the teachers’ lounge into a mosque, and the church into a dormitory, the newspaper says.

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