Beirut ADL Baikar Chapter Gets Energized


BeirutADL 1By Baydzig Kalaydjian

BEIRUT — The Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (ADL) Baikar Chapter of Beirut on January 5 held a meeting of its members and sympathizers at which the activities of the ADL and its internal dynamics were discussed. The Beirut chapter executive had invited ADL leader Hagop Vartivarian from New York to preside over this motivational evening program.

Unlike similar programs of the past, the young new Beirut executive body had decided to present the role and activities of the ADL in various regions in a different manner. The event took place at Olivia’s Sky restaurant of Zalka (in Metn district to the east of Beirut), and more participants came than expected.

After the ADL anthem was performed, the vice chairman of the ADL Baikar Chapter, Garo Hagopian, succinctly presented the party’s goals and plans and the nature of the evening’s program. He spoke of the role that Vartivarian has played within the party, and thanked all those present for encouraging the actualization of the chapter’s work.

Chapter member Raffi Donerian performed on the organ while Raffi Geboghlanian sang songs of Armenian patriotism and love in Armenian and other languages. Then Ardavazt Melkisetian, former longtime secretary of the ADL Central Committee, and former secretary of the Tekeyan Cultural Association’s Founders Body, introduced Vartivarian.

Vartivarian declared his great happiness at the energetic activity of the Baikar Chapter, which succeeded in attracting many young people into its orb. He spoke of the national and religious direction of the party, declaring that “the ADL is not only an Armenian national organization, it is also is a political party with distinct and characteristic views and plans concerning the Armenian Church. Its source of sustenance and symbols of continuing existence are the homeland and the Mother See of Echmiadzin.”

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Vartivarian, seeing the enthusiasm of the youth present, continued his talk, stressing the importance of the young generation of party members, who will become leaders of the Armenian nation in the near future. He pointed out that the ADL and the Tekeyan Cultural Association pursue the same goals of patriotism, the realization of the Great Dream, and preservation of Armenian identity and spirit through unrelenting struggle.

He said that new efforts were necessary to financially support this work, along with the election of a new and dedicated leadership. He called for a reuniting and rallying of the ADL’s ranks to maintain a level of serious activity similar to that of the past and inspire respect among Armenians everywhere.

After Vartivarian’s speech, many donations were made, while lottery tickets were distributed to audience members. Toward the end of the evening, a traditional cake-cutting ceremony took place, with the participation of Vartivarian, Melkisetian, Nishan Barutjian (the chairman of the ADL Iraq chapter) and the Baikar Chapter’s central committee members.

(Translated from the Armenian)

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