Pope Francis ‘Hopes to Visit’ Armenia Next Year


PARIS (PanARMENIAN.Net) — Speaking at the UN climate summit in Parish, Pope Francis said he planned to visit Mexico and hoped to be able to visit Armenia in the coming year. Francis said he has promised the patriarchs of Armenia that he would visit, no date has been discussed though.

“But I am old and these trips are heavy,” he said.

The UN climate conference in Paris is most likely humanity’s last chance to thwart global environmental disaster, the Pope Francis said on Monday, November 30, warning the world was “at the limits of suicide,” Reuters reports.

Francis, who visited Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic, also said the continent was “a martyr of exploitation” by wealthy countries who lust after its natural resources and try to impose Western values instead of concentrating on development.

The pope’s last stop in Africa was the Central African Republic, one of the continent’s poorest nations.

He made an unscheduled stop at the country’s only pediatric hospital, where doctors told him that they did not have oxygen and that most of the children there were destined to die of malnutrition or malaria.

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