Blessing of the Holy Muron Takes Place at Holy Echmiadzin


SetWidth630-Muron-BemaYEREVAN (Armenpress) —  Blessing of the Holy Muron took place at Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin this past week. Primates of dioceses of the Armenian Apostolic Church, leaders of Hierarchical Sees of Jerusalem and Constantinople, as well as representatives from the Great House of Cilicia came to participate in the ceremony conducted once every seven years.

The silver pot of Muron is located at the Holy See open-air altar St. Trdat, filled with olive oil mixed with a mixture made from 40 spices of herbs. The pot had remained on the Main Altar of Mother Cathedral for 40 days. After the blessing of the Holy Muron, covered with a veil, it will remain on the altar for the believers and pilgrims.

The blessings and consecration of the Holy Muron (Chrism) is a sacred and mysterious service. Muron has two essential elements: olive oil and balsam, which are mixed with more than 40 varieties of incense, flowers, spices, floral essences, oils and leaves. Forty days before the Blessing and Consecration of the Muron the caldron is filled with pure olive oil, placed on the altar of the Mother Cathedral and covered with a woven veil. During each of the 40 days, a special service is offered after the evening worship, in preparation for the upcoming Muron Blessing Ceremony.

In the Armenian Church, the right to Bless and Consecrate the Holy Muron is reserved for the Catholicos of All Armenians, who blesses it with three traditional Holy relics of the Church.


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