American Director Visits Armenia for Premiere of ‘Aram, Aram’ at Golden Apricot Film Fest


ARAM_GAIFF_0LOS ANGELES and YEREVAN — The 2015 Golden Apricot Film Festival in Yerevan, Armenia, saw a new kind of film play to a packed movie house: “Aram, Aram” is the name of the film, and it is the first film centered around the Armenian community in Los Angeles to be written and directed by an American of 100 percent non-Armenian descent.

“Aram, Aram” features emotional performances from a mix of famous Armenian actors and newcomers. For the lead role, Chambers selected 12-year-old Armenia-American John Sevag Roohinian who had never starred in a feature-length film before. He played against two heavyweights with hundreds of film and television credits between the two of them: celebrated stage, television and film star, Levon Sharafyan, and a fan favorite, Alla Tumanian. The cast is rounded out by a nuanced performance from another newcomer, 27-year-old Sevak Hakoyan, originally from Yerevan.

Christopher Chambers, the writer-director, who came to Armenia to promote “Aram, Aram” said, “Visiting Armenia has been an eye-opening experience — Yerevan is a charming, world-class city.” The first-time director continued, “The Golden Apricot Film Festival brought in a truly international selection of filmmakers. Above all, I was overwhelmed by the incredible warmth and hospitality of the Armenian people who gave my film such a fantastic reception.”

“Aram, Aram” premiered to a sold out audience at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June and will next appear at the Montreal Film Festival and the St. Louis International Film Festival. When asked about his future plans, Chambers said, “We are planning our theatrical release right now, targeting cities with strong Armenian Communities, but I honestly cannot wait to return to Armenia.”


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