Carolyn Mugar Speaks at Suffolk University Commencement


BOSTON — Carolyn Mugar, executive director of Farm Aid and the founder of the Armenia Tree Project, was made an Honorary Doctor of Public Service and also was the commencement speaker at Suffolk University’s commencement on Sunday, May 17.

In her address to the students and faculty, Mugar encouraged the students to give back to their communities and to fight injustice.

She also told her family’s history of migration to the US in 1906, when her father, Stephen Mugar, sensed that a wave of violence was afoot in the Ottoman Empire and he was able to get his family to the US.

She spoke about her father’s founding of the Star Market supermarket chain in the state an hwo he himself had gone on to receive an honorary degree from Suffolk.

As for the Tree Project, she said she and her late husband, John O’Connor, had founded the group when the blockade that is still affecting Armenia was choking its life out.

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