Armenian President Speaks of Challenges, Opportunities Ahead



YEREVAN (ArmeniaNow) — Some of the current year’s difficulties and uncertainties that have objective reasons are likely to continue in Armenia in 2015, Armenian President Serge Sargisian said on December 22 during a reception for the business community held on the occasion of the approaching New Year and Holy Nativity.

At the same time, he spoke about new opportunities offered by Eurasian integration as Armenia prepares to enter the new economic grouping of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on January 1.

“Any state, any economy, even the most powerful economies like the United States or the European Union, can always encounter difficulties. In countries like ours these difficulties may happen more often,” said Sargisian as quoted by his press service.
The head of state stressed that it is important that “at the moment of these difficulties we should not seek someone to blame or to assume the responsibility, and if the situation stabilizes a little, we should not try to claim laurels for that.”

“In such situations it is important that we don’t panic and each of us continues his duties. Then these difficulties are easier to overcome,” the president stressed.

Sargisian also addressed the prospects for the Armenian economy in the context of the new integration processes and the country’s imminent membership in the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union. According to him, new integration processes open up new opportunities and new challenges at the same time.

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“I have no doubts that our entrepreneurs are competitive and have something to say. They will have their role in the new economic union as well,” Sargisian said.

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