Tekeyan Centre Fund Distributes New Textbooks to Needy Students


karbi schoolchildren

YEREVAN — For the fifth time the Tekeyan Centre Fund reached its goal and distributed textbooks to schoolchildren who could not afford them.

Since 2010 the Fund has realized the project “Free Textbooks” which supports mostly children in need and relieves the financial burden of their families. The project beneficiaries are schoolchildren from five Tekeyan Schools in Armenia and Karabagh.

The project is entirely based on donations which are mainly provided thanks to the efforts of the TCF’s parent organization, the London Tekeyan Trust that every year initiates a fundraising campaign not only in the UK but also abroad.

Thanks to donations from benefactors, in the academic year 2014-2015, 307 schoolchildren were provided with 4,154 textbooks for free. And the total number of textbooks supplied by the TCF within five years is 9,939 at total cost of 6,345,381 drams (about $15,650).

In the forthcoming years, the fund aims at increasing the number of the project beneficiaries and relies on its donors. So it invites organizations and individuals both from Armenia and the Diaspora to cooperate with the fund and to become benefactors of Tekeyan students in need by donating funds for the project “Free Textbooks”. The Tekeyan Centre Fund pays special tribute and wish the best to all supporters and look forward to new opportunities of cooperation.

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To make a donation, send it to TEKEYAN CENTRE FUND, 50 Khanjyan St, Yerevan 0025, Armenia, The bank : HSBC Bank Armenia CJSC, Account no : 001-008820-101 (USD account), Account no : 001-008820-002 (AMD account) Swift code : MIDLAM22

E-mail: info@tekeyancentre.am


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