St. Garabed Armenian Church Consecrated in Jordan



JORDAN — The Armenian Church of St. Garabed was consecrated at the banks of the Jordan River in Jordan on October 31 by Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem. President Serge Sargisian of Armenia was in attendance along with other Armenian and Jordanian officials and church dignitaries.

King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan donated property for the church to the Armenian Apostolic Patriarchate of Jerusalem, as well as property for other churches at the banks of the Jordan River.

The building of the Church of St. Garabed, constructed thanks to a generous donation by Dr. Vicken Garabedian in memory of his father Dr. Garo Garabedian from Jerusalem, is in typical Armenian architectural style. The church is located on the baptismal site of Jesus Christ.

On October 30 the paintings in the church were blessed, and afterwards the baptismal font was consecrated. In the afternoon of October 31, after the church was consecrated, its first christening took place.

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