President Sargisian, Catholicos Attend Pope Francis I’s Inauguration


VATICAN CITY (ArmeniaNow) — Armenian President Serge Sargisian attended the inauguration of Pope Francis I in the Vatican on Tuesday, March 19. Leaders and senior representatives of dozens of states as well as hundreds of thousands of faithful gathered in and around St. Peter’s Square for a mass that installed the former Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

According to his press office, Sargisian congratulated the new Bishop of Rome, Francis I, on becoming the spiritual leader of the worldwide Catholic Church.

He stressed that the event had a special symbolism and meaning for the Armenian people which was the first to officially adopt Christianity back in 301.

The president was reportedly happy to state that the Holy See of the Saint Peter is now led by a friend of the Armenian people who is “well aware of our culture and history which he had many times stated during his activities in Argentina.”

Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II also reportedly attended the ceremony.

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