Aleppo Consulate General of the Republic of Armenia Moved


ALEPPO (Armenpress) — The Consulate of the Republic of Armenia, located in the second largest city of Syria, was temporarily moved to a district heavily populated by Armenians. Armenian Foreign Affairs Minister Press Secretary Tigran Balayan said, “I confirm the news, Armenian General Consulate in Aleppo was moved into another district.”

Clashes are continuing in Aleppo between Assad loyalists and rebel forces, and the city has been left without telephone communication and Internet, which was restored on August 3. Arabian sources state, the clashes are mainly in the Muslim districts. Syrian-Armenian community representatives note, Aleppo Armenians have not suffered from the shelling.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Defense Organization, ongoing clashes have resulted in the death of more than 17,192 people. Among the victims there were seven Armenians, two of whom were in the Syrian Army military.

Because of ongoing disturbances in Syria, a number of people are leaving the country, getting refugee status in other countries. The applications submitted from Syria by Armenians are being expedited.

In a related development, the owner and operator of Nairi Hotel in Stepanakert, Karabagh, Hakob Abulakyan, announced this week that he will take in Armenians leaving Syria for longterm stay as long as they pay for the utilities. He noted he has talked with the Foreign Ministries of Armenia and Karabagh, who have expressed their support.

Abulakyan, currently a resident of Australia, originally hails from Aleppo.

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