Commentary: The New World Disorder


By Edmond Y. Azadian

During the conference of Berlin in 1878, when the destiny of the “Sick Man of Europe” (The Ottoman Empire) was at stake with the plight of its subject nations hanging in the balance, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the promoter of the “iron and blood” policy, is reported to have said: “I do not exchange the bones of a dead Pomeranian soldier with the entire Eastern Question.” As a statesman, Bismarck’s insensitivity towards the misery of the masses is not a unique phenomenon; it is prevalent to this day. At present it is even worse; people’s democratic rights are being used as pretexts to induce tragedy and misery in the lives of the very nations in whose names wars are being waged and lofty principals are enunciated at the highest forums of world politics.

With the collapse of the Soviet empire, the strategic balance of the bi-polar world shifted towards the West. The US policy makers were quick in forestalling the formation of the United States of Europe, which could provide a balancing act to unilateral US policies and self-interest.

Of course, there is no love-lost with the demise of the Soviet Union, especially as many constituent nationalities emerged to shape their own policies and destinies. Armenia was among them.

Globally speaking, the balance of power was lost and a uni-polar world dominance spelled disaster for most of the regions of the world, especially the Middle East.

A group of unelected government functionaries were able to hijack US foreign policy to use for their own ends, whose beneficiary was certainly not the United States. The cabal of neo-cons, hiding behind the most cynical politician of the time, namely Vice President Dick Cheney, the real power broker at the White House, engaged the country in reckless wars, wasting billions of dollars and wrecking the economy of the country in the process. The US was left as the most powerful nation in the world, but rather than taking pride in that unchallenged power, the neo-cons converted it into a sword of arrogance, wielding it irresponsibly around the world. The motto of the day was the creation of a new world order. A few years into that policy the world is in shambles and the US is in no better shape.

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President Barack Obama was elected on a most moralistic platform, but his promises were soon to be corrupted by the entrenched policy makers at the State Department and other levels of the government. One of the first casualties was, of course, the Armenian Genocide, along with the Guantanamo gulag colony, with all its apologists for water boarding, recognized as torture by every major human rights organization in the world.

The new world order was a two-pronged policy: to contain the residual power of the former Soviet Empire and to change the map of the Middle East to tailor it to the Israeli political designs.

Currently, Russia is engaged in self-flagellation, content with its newly-found energy resources and devoid — almost — of any foreign ambitions, which has left only the reshaping of the Middle East to the prophets of the new world order.

The process began with Iraq, the most prosperous Arab country ruled by a dictator who tended to the economy and the welfare of his people, contrary to the demonization of him in the Western media. No one can say he was a humanitarian, as he knew how to terrorize subjects who strayed from the proscribed path (i.e. Kurds), but before the sectarian strife was introduced from outside, no one knew in Iraq who was Sunni and who was Shia. When armed rebellions took place by outside forces, the ruler had to protect his government and the stability of the country. Timothy McVeigh, in this country, was not offered a birthday cake when he bombed a federal building.

This became a standard practice; implant armed insurrection in a targeted country and cry wolf at the UN that the West had to rescue the people from a tyrant, of course with the complicity of the pliant media.

That policy did not have a chance of success in Iraq, therefore outright lies had to be sold (and told). The excuse of weapons of mass destruction was concocted, and the most honest US diplomat, Colin Powell was sacrificed at the UN forum — reducing him to a political cadaver — and a bloody war was launched against Iraq. After sacrificing 4,500 US troops and maiming another 30,000, that country is no closer to any shape or form of democracy. Sectarian warfare is continuing and on the other hand no one is asking accountability of 1 million civilian casualties and 2 million Iraqi immigrants.

Of course no weapon of mass destruction was found, which was obvious to any student of the Middle East.

The next target was Libya, the most egalitarian country in the Middle East. Muammar Qaddafi was an eccentric, but he distributed all the oil revenue to his people. That is why an internal insurrection did not have a chance to succeed in the country and NATO forces had to intervene. And the way Qaddafi was murdered cannot be justified in any norm of civilized conduct. Today, the country is destabilized, the economy is in ruins and “democracy,” which was promised, is manifested in revenge killings and kangaroo courts.

Egypt’s stability was guaranteed by President Hosni Mubarak, whose departure has resulted in chaos, instability, repression of the Coptic minority and other Christians, as well as turmoil.

Now the next target is Syria, home to one of the oldest Armenian communities in the Middle East. But Bismarck’s policy is still alive. No one gives a damn what happens to the Armenians in that country, where they are respected and they enjoy all minority rights, contrary to the media characterization of the contrary.

The “Arab awakening” or the “Arab spring” also blossomed in Tunisia, which became one of the most unstable societies in North Africa.

Iran is also on the target list of the new world order promoters. The US and Israel have threatened Iran with military strikes, because Iran and Syria present a counter weight to the Israeli-Turkish hegemony in the Middle East.

Of course, no one is interested in regime change in Jordan or Saudi Arabia, which are ruled by absolute monarchs, no better (i.e. democratic and humanitarian) than the other former or current rulers of the Middle East, because those monarchs happen to be willing to go along with the script given to them by the US and Israel.

There is a huge media machine to dupe the world and convince the people that the Arab spring or Arab awakening is in the best interest of the nations in question. The unfortunate sexual assault of CBS reporter Lara Logan in the middle of a throng put a kibosh on the feel-good, giddy coverage of Tahrir Square as ground zero of democracy in Egypt.

Given the bloodshed, instability, poverty and misery resulted by the thrust of this new world order, even the most naive observer cannot be convinced that the region is being blessed with a new dawn of liberty and prosperity. In fact, the Arab awakening has become an Arab nightmare.

But there is a pattern to this policy, which is adorned by the most attractive slogans of democracy and human rights. Any country, which has harbored animosity against Israel, is on the list of the West to be “democratized.” Even Tunisia, which seems an innocent bystander in the Arab-Israeli conflict, hosted Yasser Arafat and the PLO, after Ariel Sharon invaded Lebanon in 1982, that is why it got on the list.

After abstaining at the UN where an invasion was planned against Libya, Moscow leaders realized that the Arab spring is coming closer to home and threatening their own interests in the region and finally stood up against this policy and vetoed the intended aggression against Syria, infuriating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and some European countries.

Turkey is smuggling arms to the “insurgents” in Syria and has been already hosting a government in exile.

It is obvious to any serious student of the Middle East that stable, albeit far-from-perfect governments are being pulled down for reasons that serve not their own people and which in fact devastate them. The US and Europe are not the beneficiaries of these uprisings either; all they gain is hostility of the subject nations and ferment hotbeds of terrorism.

Armenians have already left Egypt, Lebanon and Jerusalem and now the time has come to leave Syria and Iran.

Iran is one of Armenia’s lifelines to the outside world. Any conflict with Iran will be devastating for Armenia and for the entire region.

Apparently, this philosophy of the new world order has gone too far, in its destructive path, to be safely renamed as the new world dis-order.


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