Obituary: Samuel Maserejian


BOSTON — Samuel Maserejian, a longtime supporter of the Armenian Mirror-Spectator and the paper’s contact person with the central post office, died on January 19, at Massachusetts General Hospital, after experiencing health complications.

Maserejian was in and out of Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge for some time and was transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital on Friday, January 13, shortly before his death.

He was born in Aleppo, Syria, on February 7, 1940. When he was 4, during a picnic in the mountains nearby, he was lost and presumed dead. After 48 hours, Maserejian was found by local shepherds and brought back home. That is why he was named the “Lost and Found” of the family. At 16, Maserejian traveled to Kuwait City to make a life for himself. During his stay there for 17 years, he helped the local priest during the Sunday mass and during funerals, weddings and baptisms because he had a great voice and recited the prayers very well. In Kuwait, he married Eugeny Osanna Tekeyan and had two daughters, Silva and Ani. In 1972, Maserejian and his family immigrated to US and joined his brothers and parents.

He was an active member of Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) and local organizations and participated with Krikor Satamian in presenting theatrical presentations in Massachusetts and New York.

His wife passed away in 1996. He is survived by children, Silva Emerian and her husband, Jayson, of Fresno, Calif. and Ani Nigoghosian and her husband, Vahe, of Waltham, Mass.; grandchildren, Silas and James Emerian and Sarine Nigoghosian; brother, Krikor Maserejian, of Waltham, Kevork Maserejian of Arlington and Zareh Maserejian and Souren Maserejian, both of Belmont.

The funeral service and a celebration of his life was held at the Armenian Memorial Church on Saturday, January 21. In spite of the snowstorm, the church was packed with relatives and friends. Rev. Avedis Boynerian officiated.

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Zareh Maserejian, in his eulogy said that “Sam was the singing bird of the family, when we were all together for happy or sad occasions; he was the one who prolonged our happiness with his songs or ease our sadness with Armenian recitations and proverbs. He loved humanity, he loved every body.”

Sam Maserejian’s daughter, Ani, in her eulogy said “My father did not have a high education, but he used to help me and my sister, Silva, in our homework when we were in high school. He was a happy man, filling our lives with jokes, sometimes repeated jokes, which were better presented each time. I did everything for him to have peace and comfort during his last days on this earth, and I am sure he is in heaven now, united with our mother and telling her the same jokes.”

Internment was at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, in Cambridge. Family, relatives and friends attended a memorial dinner at the church hall afterwards.

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