Philanthropists Sued by Man Convicted of Swindling Them


LINCOLN, Mass. — K. George Najarian and Carolann Najarian, MD, philanthropists, are being sued in a civil court by Grigor Igityan, the man convicted of swindling them of both property and money. Igityan was convicted on all counts in the criminal courts after more than eight years of hearings, trials and appeals up to the highest court in Armenia. He is now serving out his prison sentence in jail.

From jail, Igityan has launched a civil suit through the Kentron Court of First Intention, Yerevan, against the Najarians. He is claiming damages for financial losses he reportedly sustained due to being tried and convicted for crimes he had committed. In addition to the court case, the Najarians’ properties have been attached by the court. This is unprecedented in legal practice not only in Armenia, but elsewhere.

According to the Najarians’ attorneys in Armenia, all demands made in Igityan’s claim have been resolved through multiple court decisions in the criminal case brought against him. The evidence to substantiate these decisions against Igityan was confirmed by the highest court there.

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