TCA Board of Directors Meet in California


ALTADENA — The Tekeyan Cultural Association Inc. (TCA) Central Board of Directors of the United States and Canada held their regular meeting in California on the weekend of June 24-26 to discuss all the issues of a full agenda regarding the Association, its chapters, schools, Armenia projects, media and cultural centers.

Chaired by Dr. Haroutiun Arzoumanian, members had a private meeting on Friday at the residence of Board member Rouben Terzian. The board conducted its business the next day at TCA Arshag Dickranian School, where commencement ceremonies of the school were taking place on the same afternoon and the board members were invited to preside over the heart-warming ceremonies. Before the commencement, the TCA board met with members of TCA Arshag Dickranian School Trustees and discussed issues related to the school.

During its regular meeting, the board reviewed the state of the Association and heard the encouraging reports of the Arshag Dickranian School Board, the report of the TCA Board of Administration, the Treasurer’s report, and appraised the situation of the unfounded litigation against the Association. A report was also presented about its active chapters in US and Canada.

On Sunday, at the TCA Beshgetourian Cultural Center, board members met with the members of the Executive Committee of TCA Los Angeles and Pasadena/Glendale chapters, as well as members of the Beshgetourian Caretaking Committee, headed by Kevork Keushkerian. A constructive discussion of current events and issues were openly discussed and recommendations were noted.

The same night, Tekeyan Cultural Association’s Los Angeles Chapter organized a tribute honoring Rev. Dr. Zaven Arzoumanian’s 60 years of service to the Armenian Church. It was held under the auspices of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church, with the Primate, Archbishop Hovnan Derderian presiding. It took place at the Zorayan Hall of St. Leon Cathedral here on Sunday, June 26.

Separate press releases and reports have been issued regarding the school commencement ceremonies and related activities of the weekend.

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