Friends of HMADS: Upholding Its Dedication to Our Armenian Youth


By Arpi Arukian

BAYSIDE, N.Y. — “I thank my parents for joining me into not only a school but a second family… I treasure all the memories I shared with my classmates and teachers and will never forget the life lessons I learned from my nine years at HMADS”; “I’m so proud to have graduated from such a fine institution.” This is just a sampling of the acclaim Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School (HMADS) receives from alumni who are still very strongly connected to the school. HMADS is praised for creating a stimulating environment in which children thrive academically while developing lifelong friendships and strong ties to their rich Armenian culture and heritage. The success of Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of its remarkable staff, along with the unwavering support of parents, board members, benefactors, alumni and community members.
The Friends of HMADS all-volunteer fundraising committee, chaired by School Board Treasurer Hovannes Malikyan, has been the main financial pillar of the school for more than 16 years. Comprised of a group of school supporters, the mission of the committee is to raise funds to carry on the school’s economic growth. Year after year, Friends provides HMADS with a balanced budget and financial stability.
Thanks to its efforts, HMADS is able to maintain an affordable tuition, thus making it possible for Armenian families to take advantage of this exceptional learning institution.
The Friends Committee meets twice a month at the school to create, discuss and plan social and cultural events that, in addition to raising funds, will also benefit the Armenian community as a whole. The most anticipated of these events is by far the annual Gala Dinner Dance held in the spring. This year’s honoree, Vahan Tanal, is a parent of two former students, in addition to being a longtime supporter of HMADS’s efforts.
The group is organizing a gala on Saturday, May 15 at Woodbury Country Club in Long Island. The evening’s festivities will begin at 7:30 p.m. with cocktails and a buffet. Musical entertainment will be provided by international singer Arthur Apkarian and his band from Canada.
Each person’s Gala Dinner Dance contribution of $125 will support the efforts of both the Friends committee and HMADS, thus benefiting a worthwhile cause — the preservation of our Armenian culture through future generations.
For further information regarding this event, write to
(Arpi Arukian is a member of the Class of 1992.)

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