Armenia Fund Partners with Indian Government to Rebuild Artsni School


NEW YORK — Armenia Fund is implementing a major renovation of the community school of Artsni, a village in Armenia’s Lori Region, with financing provided by the government of India.
The project entails the reconstruction of one of the two main buildings of the two-story school, which was built in 1962. At the conclusion of the initiative, the renovated school will accommodate all of Artsni’s students — who at present total 49 children.
To date the building’s roof as well as doors and windows have been replaced, along with an added boiler room. Currently construction crews are preparing to install new hardwood floors and paint the walls.
Marieta Arustamyan, principal of the school, conveying her profound gratitude to the Indian government, said that the campus had long been in a state of disrepair, adversely affecting the quality of learning. She went on to express her confidence that the renovated school will boost student morale and lead to educational excellence.
“Today our residents are filled with renewed hope at the sight of construction activity in the village, even though many of the issues we face as a community still need to be addressed,” said proud Artsni Mayor, Khenko Khachanesyan.
“Education has always been a core aspect of Armenian life in India, ever since the 17th century, and it is so wonderful to see the Indian government continues to play an instrumental role in Armenian education today,” said Ara Vardanyan, executive director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. “Furthermore, the Indian government’s sponsorship of the important Artsni-school reconstruction is yet another heartwarming step in strengthening the friendship of the Indian and Armenian peoples.”
“India’s contribution to the reconstruction of the school of the Lori Region’s Artsni community is part of India’s Development Assistance Programme for friendly states such as Armenia, and reflects the desire on the part of India to be a willing and reliable partner in their developmental efforts, beginning with projects of high priority,” said Achal Kumar Malhotra, ambassador of India to Armenia. “We are confident that, once reconstructed, the school premises will provide an ideal environment for education,” Malhotra concluded.
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