AGBU YP Toronto Hosts Business Etiquette Event


TORONTO — On January 17, the AGBU Young Professionals (YP) of Toronto hosted a business etiquette seminar as they kicked off the new year. The Business Etiquette Workshop was led by Natalie Jikerjian, a Cambridge University-certified business etiquette expert. More than 60 young professionals attended the event, which consisted of a cocktail reception followed by a 90-minute seminar. The lecture covered business etiquette and protocol in various areas of the corporate and professional world. Attendees took advantage of the cocktail reception as an opportunity to do some professional networking, as they represented young Armenian professionals across a variety of fields.
Jikerjian, a warm and engaging speaker, started the presentation by letting her audience know that she had been observing the attendees during the reception as they were naturally demonstrating their networking skills. Jikerjian signaled out some of the individuals who had unknowingly exhibited strong business etiquette and acumen. She provided tips on how to make proper business introductions, went over guidelines on electronic etiquette and gave lessons on formal business dining. Jikerjian also profiled cross-cultural customs for international business travel and meetings. From learning how to make a good first impression to dressing for success, attendees were guided through an interactive presentation.
The hands-on workshop also covered national and international gift-giving protocol, knowing who to introduce first in meetings, ways to conduct proper business card exchange, and tips on entertaining clients. The host made the evening less about a rigid lecture and more about getting the young professionals involved and proactive, adding some anecdotal humor along the way. Despite a slightly casual and light-hearted approach, Jikerjian stressed the importance of her workshop. “Etiquette is about presenting yourself with the right kind of polished professionalism that can be taken seriously. It’s important knowing how to open the door, so that you can close the deal,” she said.
Jikerjian’s knowledge and comfort within the corporate environment showed her own honed manners and level of professionalism. Her skills were also indicative of the larger phenomena at hand these days. A generation ago, young professionals were mainly focused on entry into the corporate world. Today, amidst an ever-growing competitive corporate and educational world, and with the bar of expectations continuously being raised, young professionals are increasingly more concerned about standing out, longevity and a respectable path to success within their individual industries. Keenly aware of the current conditions surrounding them and the future ahead, they are constantly trying to upgrade and enhance their skills and to continuously be as marketable as possible.
The event was sponsored in part by TD Bank Financial Group.

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