Alla Levonyan Debuts in Boston


By Jirair Hovsepian

WATERTOWN, Mass. — The delightful and talented Alla Levonyan, the pop and folk singer from Armenia, who has won numerous international recognitions and awards, came to Boston for her first live concert here in the Bay State. The packed house event at the Watertown High School, on November 22, was sponsored by the Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston.

There was no formal program to follow the order of the songs and activities — the reason: to please the audience and capture their mood. Her singing was mellow and yet dramatic with soft and fluid tones that captivated the audience.

During the first half of the show, Levonyan wore a pink and red gown. She moved on the stage, drawing the attention of the audience and connecting with them.
The young members of the Abaka School of Armenian Dance shared the stage with her by performing “Vartavari Sharan.” The first half of the evening ended with Levonyan dancing in an impromptu dance to the tune of Ari Siroun, Kna Siroun with the director and choreographer of the Sayat Nova Dance Company, Apo Ashjian.

Following the intermission, Levonyan came on stage dressed in black.

During the second half of the show, the older Abaka dancers performed “Angakh Hayastan,” followed by the female dancers of Sayat Nova performing “Yaman Yar” in synchronous, graceful and disciplined movements.

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At one point in the program, Levonyan invited a member of the audience, Seta Ganachian Tuysuzian, to the stage presenting her with a bouquet of roses. Tuysuzian is the daughter of the internationally-known Armenian composer Parsekh Ganachian (1885-1967), who was one of Komitas’ distinguished pupils.

The young dancers took to the stage. (Jirair Hovsepian photo)
The young dancers took to the stage. (Jirair Hovsepian photo)

Another phase of her performance became dynamically interactive when she came down the stage and began involving enthusiastic members of the audience to join her in singing.

Part of her program included her soulful singing of Gamavor Mardig while showing a moving somberly patriotic video of the struggle for Karabagh.

She even invited a member from the audience, Gegham Galstyan, to accompany her, which he did very capably on the synthesizer.

The entertainment continued with the Sayat Nova Dance Company performing a dynamic “Maralo” accompanied by Levonyan’s singing and graceful dancing.
Levonyan took Boston by storm. Thanks go to Ashjian, the Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston and the Abaka Armenian School for the Performing Arts who brought this pleasurable experience to Boston.

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