AGBU Manoogian School Unveils New State-of-the-Art High School Building


DETROIT — Tuesday, September 8, will be engraved in the Manoogian School’s history as a memorable day. In the presence of the school’s current and former board of directors, Greater-Detroit Armenian community members, teachers and students, the opening ceremony of the new high school occurred in the atrium of the building.

A donation from Richard Manoogian and Louise Simone made this building possible.

Elementary and middle school principal, Dyana Kezelian, welcomed the Manoogian School family and friends. She announced that 40 years ago, no one could have anticipated that this school, which opened its doors with 10 students and two teachers, would have endured to find such a place in the educational world. Today, however, with the continuing efforts of its staff, dedication of the past principals and teachers, as well as the visionary guidance of the board members, the school is thriving with its more than 400 students and 45 faculty and staff.

Kezelian thanked especially the Manoogian family members for their support. “Our founders and benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Marie Manoogian, are delightedly watching our ceremony from heaven, being fulfilled on what we have achieved in these past 40 years,” she said.

After welcoming the audience, Principal Dr. Hosep Torossian of the high school, thanked Kezelian for her devotion and support and added, “Today, on this festive occasion, the Manoogian spirit soars as we collectively celebrate not only the 40th anniversary of the founding of our school, but the grand opening of this breathtaking building.” He extended his special gratitude to the great humanitarian, Alex Manoogian.

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“Alex Manoogian’s passion for giving did not end with his passing. As torchbearers of their parents’ dreams, Richard Manoogian and Louise Manoogian Simone continue their unwavering support of our school.” Torossian added, “we will uphold the Manoogian name by delivering excellence in education. We have begun our journey from good to great.”

Torossian concluded his talk by thanking the Manoogian teachers for their unmatched dedication to the school.

High school social studies teacher Michael Huff, on behalf of the faculty, read a letter of appreciation addressed to benefactors Richard Manoogian and Louise Manoogian Simone.

Board of Directors President Dr. Richard Marburger congratulated the audience starting his remarks by saying, “It’s a great day for us Armenians.” Marburger thanked the Manoogian family for their gift and continuous support of this school. Enumerating the school’s past successes, Marburger praised the current administration: “Dr. Hosep Torossian is an engineer who brings unusual technical expertise to his post as principal of the high school. Dyana Kezelian is an effective academic leader whose long experience is of enormous value as she serves as principal of the Elementary and Middle Schools. They work as a team, each realizing that the other’s success enhances the performance of the entire school.”

Board of Directors Chairman and Vice Chairman Dr. Richard Marburger and Edmond Azadian, respectively, together with both principals, cut the ceremonial ribbon, reminding school family and friends that the grand opening ceremony of the high school building will take place on October 10.

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