Armenian Americans for Obama Make Last-Minute Push in Ohio


Volunteer Tsoleen Sarian said she was disappointed that many of the people she called supported McCain. “When I get an Obama supporter, it helps me keep calling. It’s encouraging,” Sarian noted. “One gentleman said, ‘There’s a lot of us out here, so don’t lose faith.’ That was good to hear.”

Armenian Americans for Obama plans to follow up with some of those contacted in person while canvassing the Cleveland area. The phone numbers were provided by the Obama campaign, using a system that highlighted likely Armenian names — which meant weeding out several O’Bryans.

Among the volunteers was Herman Purutyan, Massachusetts state chair of the Armenian Assembly of America.

“My belief is that Obama is the better candidate, and this is doing my part,” Purutyan said. “He’s stated very genuinely his desire to recognize the Genocide. I think his foreign policy will also be beneficial for Armenia.”

Volunteer Alik Arzoumanian went door-todoor in New Hampshire, but said she had avoided making calls to non-Armenians for fear that her accent might cause them concern in this political environment. But, she said, “I figured if I call Armenians it would work.”

Several volunteers crowded around her as she finished talking with an undecided voter.

After citing vice presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden’s foreign policy credentials, Arzoumanian went in for the kill, breaking away from the script in front of her, asking, “Does Sarah Palin even know where Armenia is?”

The room broke into laughter, figuring they could chalk up a victory. She said later the person concluded the call by saying, “They’re politicians, I don’t trust them.”

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