Abrahamian Bolsters Investments In Armenia


Sargisian touched upon such important state issues as involvement of all Armenians’ efforts in the solution of problems regarding the country’s prosperity and guaranteeing its security. He also addressed all Armenians concerned with their homeland’s fate, calling on them to provide real, concrete assistance to Armenia with their active participation.

His statement said, “The Union of Armenians in Russia from the day of its creation has been providing material and moral assistance to Armenia.

That reference is reflected in the elaboration and implementation of a number of socio-economic programs. Many efforts have been made to provide assistance to Armenia’s economic progress and to attract investment for the development of individual economic enterprises. A number of Russian-Armenian economic forums, meetings with the participation of government members and Armenia’s leading entrepreneurs have been held especially for that purpose. A charity program to provide refugees from Azerbaijan with apartments has been implemented. Blocks of flats have been purchased for them and turned over to them as property. A public canteen has been functioning for many years in Yerevan, which every day provides food to nearly 300 pensioners. Large-scale assistance has been provided to the country’s scientific institutions, creative unions and publishing activity has been carried out for several years. A computerization program has been implemented in Armenian and Artsakh schools and higher educational institutions. Nearly 7,000 computers have been donated to them.

Responding to Sargisian’s speech and to his initiative, Abrahamian proposed calling on Armenians, businessmen and entrepreneurs residing in Russia, on behalf of the Board of the Union of Armenians in Russia to make investments in Armenia’s economy. The board made a decision to send a circular letter to regional branches of the Union of Armenians in Russia by proposing the establishing of direct contacts with Armenian regions to carry out concrete programs.

Abrahamian stated that he personally will continue implementing investment programs in Armenia, and nearly another $150 million will be invested. The Board of the Union of Armenians in Russia expressed confidence that every Armenian in Russia will fulfill his or her sense of responsibility for Armenia’s future and will make as significant a contribution to its further development as possible.

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